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CarbonScopeData™ is a life-cycle inventory (LCI) database. It provides data on greenhouse gas emissions (embodied carbon), primary energy use (embodied energy) and water use (embodied/virtual water) for a broad array of raw materials used in the economy, common industrial processes, agricultural processes and food products, energy sources, transport modes, various services in the service sector, and waste disposal.

The database can be used for life-cycle modeling and analysis of products and services in manufacturing, building construction, transportation, packaging, food and agriculture, clothing and accessories, and many other industry sectors. CarbonScopeData is used in our own LCA and GHG inventory tools, CarbonScope and FoodCarbonScope. The database can be browsed using CarbonScope and software developers can integrate it into their own carbon/climate apps using the API.

CarbonScopeData consists of two parts: process LCI and environmentally extended input-output LCI.

The process LCI portion of the database contains data for well over 1400 materials, products and processes representing a broad range of industries and geographical locations (and more are being added regularly), compiled from highly credible raw data sources and research literature and processed by our in-house tools according to rigorous LCA standards. The raw materials in the database include chemicals, metals, plastics, paper, glass, fibers and construction materials. Transport modes include road, rail, ocean and air transport. Energy sources include common fuels as well as electricity by US grid region and internationally by country.

The database also contains cradle-to-gate and unit process data for over 1100 products and processes in the food and agriculture sectors -- covering a full range of crop and animal production systems, commercial food processing, commercial cooking appliances, packaging, and waste disposal. The majority of the food/agriculture data is for US and Canadian production and processing drawn from over a dozen major agricultural states/provinces, making CarbonScopeData the largest commercially available LCI database for North American food production and processing. In addition, the database includes food production data for Europe and other parts of the world.

The environmentally extended input-output LCI portion of the database is based on the US Environmental Protection Agency’s USEEIO v1.1 model and life cycle results per $1 demand for 385 goods and services in the US economy based on one 2013 US dollar of producer price as reference. Our implementation enhances the model to cover purchaser price, inflation, and other necessary extensions. This part of the database can also be accessed using the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of specific industry sectors/subsectors OR the Visa Merchant Category Code (MCC) for applications such as point-of-sale carbon offsetting.

Database catalog - list of all products/goods, processes and services currently in the database

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