CarbonScopeDataTM is a comprehensive life-cycle inventory (LCI) database. It provides carbon, energy and water data for numerous materials, goods, processes, services, transport modes, fuels and electric grids.

The process LCI dataset in CarbonScopeData contains over 1400 materials, products and processes, including the largest commercially available LCI database for North American food production and processing. The input-output LCI dataset combines data on economic transactions between 389 industry sectors with environmental data for these sectors covering various resource uses and emissions, to build a life cycle model of 385 US goods and services. The database covers three key life-cycle impact categories: greenhouse gas emissions (embodied carbon), primary energy use (embodied energy) and water use (embodied/virtual water).

CarbonScopeData is used in all of the CleanMetrics tools related to life-cycle assessment and carbon footprinting. The database can be browsed using CarbonScope and software developers can integrate it into their own carbon/climate apps using our API.

Browse the database

Use LCI data from CarbonScopeData in your business, consulting or research.

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Connect using the API

Easily integrate the CarbonScopeData API endpoints into your carbon/climate apps. See the API product release announcement.

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About CleanMetrics

CleanMetrics enables data-driven climate actions by reducing the barriers to accessing high-quality data, providing tools to easily analze and extract insights about the data, and then providing guidance on how to act on that data to actually move the needle on climate.

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